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This DEP full system is available with either the standard header or boost header on certain models.

At DEP they race at weekends, then their research and development team spend the rest of the week continuously striving to gain more power for your bike. Every working day they have a bike wired into their high-tech dyno. This is followed by extensive track testing using the latest telemetry equipment to produce the stylish high standard pipes that DEP are renowned for throughout the world.

DEP - Enhancing power where it's needed the most!

When you position the bomb at the key point in the system, it increases performance - and flow is achieved through the expansion and contraction of the exhaust Sonics through the system


The DEP Silencer comes with an aluminium mounted canister with an anodised black finish or a polished bare metal finish (depending on models). The majority of silencers have a unique two stage inner core design and bleed chambered front cap. These designs allow us to maintain high performance while keeping to current noise regulations. Most silencers come with laser cut 1.2mm stainless wrap round mounting brackets. These hanging brackets are designed to help with easy fitment and allow the silencer to flex


DEP headers are made from 0.9 space 304 stainless steel, using CNC cylinder stub mounts and laser cut flange mounts. They are designed to be easily mountable and durable, most headers come with their own unique design boost chamber helping to reduce noise and improve mid and peak power. DEP Headers use either sprung mounts or solid mount methods for fixing to the cylinder, depending on the individual model.


One part of the new DEP S7R three piece system is the mid-section. This comes with mounting springs to connect to the canister. The majority of models are supplied with an aluminium spacer for use on the centre mounted point, allowing movement and flexibility, an OE bolt is to be used unless another is supplied. The mid sections header joint does not require the OE gasket, it is a simple slide fit onto the header pipe.

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